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How to Package InDesign Files

Packaging InDesign Files

Package gathers copies of all images and fonts used in the document along with
the InDesign document into a single folder that you can easily provide us

An InDesign file depends on fonts and linked graphics that must be sent along with it, in order for it to work properly. Fortunately, Adobe InDesign has a built-in Package utility that creates a folder with a name of your choice, puts a copy of your document into the folder, and then copies all necessary fonts and images into the folder as well. Once completed, you can zip or compress it and upload it to us or drop/post it in on a USB.

How to create an Indesign Package

  1. Open your INDD file in InDesign. If possible, resolve any errors concerning missing links or fonts.
  2. Go to File > Package.
  3. Click the Package button at the bottom of the Summary window. (This window was called the preflight window in older versions).
  4. Click Continue on the Printing Instructions window.
  5. Browse to where you’d like to create the package folder (desktop would be fine) and enter the name of the folder.
  6. Make sure that the Copy Fonts, Copy Linked Graphics, Update Graphic  Links in Package, and Include Fonts and Links from Hidden and Non-Printing Content are all checked. Other boxes should be unchecked.
  7. Click the Package button.
  8. Right-click the folder which was created, and choose Compress (Mac) or Send to ZIP (Windows, might be something different depending on what software you have installed). 
  9. Upload that ZIP file or copy it to a USB drive to provide our prepress team